Agroinnova's top organization consists of a President, a Director and a Scientific Council composed of 25 Italian and foreign eminent researchers representing partner institutions and companies: a network that can easily interact in the realization of complex projects, competing successfully for international tenders.

The Plant Pathology Group (PPG) has extensive experience in biology and epidemiology of plant pathogens of economically important crops, such as Botrytis cinerea, Fusarium oxysporum, Plasmopara viticola, Phytophthora spp. as well in their management.

The Molecular Research Group (MRG) has experience in DNA molecular marker technologies applied to detection of plant pathogens and biocontrol agents, fungicide resistance, development of pathogen diagnostics, risk analysis studies, development of counter measures against crop bioterrorism.

The Plant Disease Management Group (PDMG) is actively involved in disease management, by adopting cultural, physical, biological and chemical measures. Another field of activity is related to the eradication of seed-and soilborne pathogens and soil disinfestation.

The Food safety group (FSG) in Agroinnova has experience in the mycotoxin risk analysis, management and communication and works on the development of biocontrol agents and innovative control techniques against post-harvest diseases.

The Transfer of Technology Group (TTG) operates both at national and international level. At national level, Agroinnova operates through its Phytopathological Diagnostic Centre and its Centre for Agrochemicals Efficacy Evaluation. Internationally, Agroinnova is strongly involved in the transfer of technology in the field of sustainable agriculture in countries such as China, India, Serbia, Morocco and Rumania.