Journals and Newsletter

The Center hosts the Scientific Management and the Editorial Staff of the new Journal "Protezione delle piante”, developed in 2008. The Journal covers issues in the field of plant pathology, agricultural entomology and weed science. It is published by ACE International.
Agroinnova cooperated in the preparation of the Newsletter on the Sino-ltalian Cooperation Programme, edited by the Venice International University.

Scientific Societies

The Center is the seat of the vice-Presidency of the International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) and of the Past-Presidency of the Italian Society for Crop Protection (A.I.P.P.).

Congresses and Meetings

In 2008 Agroinnova was particularly active in the organisation of the 9th International Congress of Pant Pathology (ICPP 2008), Torino, 24-29 August 2008. Over 2000 researchers attended the meeting.
The 2008 Incontri Fitoiatrici were organised in Torino (February 28, 2007). The topic was "Pest and disease management for horticultural crops". Over 100 people attended the meeting and the Proceedings were published.
The workshop “Evaluation of the risk, prevention and management of the presence of mycotoxins in the Piedmontese wine chain”, in partnership with CRT Foundation, has been held in Turin, in September 19, 2008 with 50 participants.

Media coverage

More than 100 quotations in the media (press, radio, TV and internet) related to ICPP 2008 and to Agroinnova activities were recorder in 2008.