Basic and applied research

 More than 30 ongoing projects, one third of which funded by the European Union or by International Agencies. Such projects are a great opportunity for young Ph.D. students as well as post-doc.

The most important topics covered are:

  • biology and epidemiology of pathogens of economically important crops;
  • development and implementation of sustainable crop protection strategies against the most important plant diseases;
  • biotechnological application for crop and environment protection;
  • negative side-effects of pesticide usage;
  • crop protection and food safety;
  • management of diseases of ornamental crops and turfgrass;
  • effect of climate change on plant diseases.

Main funding bodies

  • European Union
  • NATO (Security through science)
  • Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea
  • Ministry of University and Scientific Research
  • Foreign Trade Institute (ICE)
  • Piedmont Region
  • Liguria Region
  • Lombardia Region
  • CRT Foundation
  • Various agrochemicals company